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Today’s date is… NGP Play Panel

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This next generation Today’s Date is… Panel has loads of cool new features in one panel. There are 7 sliding day discs, a back-mounted rotating date disc and a small chalkboard panel to write the month on. Not only that, this panel features a second larger chalkboard panel, where the children (or teachers) can write down whose birthday it is on that day.


All the sliding discs move easily in channels on the panel which means there are no loose parts to worry about losing or have to put away each night.

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This panel includes: 7x sliding day discs with easy-glide track Back-mounted rotating date disc Mini month chalkboard Large Happy Birthday to… Chalkboard Can be wall or post mounted This panel is available in many different HDPE sheet types including: Densetec Design Panel Densetec XD Densetec PCR