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Tile Slide Butterfly Play Panel

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The Tile Slide Game Play Panels are based on the popular tile slide puzzle, that most of us have played with at some point in our lives. The Ace Play approach to this game was to use their new sliding disc principal which makes the sliding of the tiles effortless and easy, without the snagging.

Each game has 8 movable tiles that glide effortlessly around the panel. Because the discs slide in tracks, there are no loose pieces to worry about going missing or to put away and get out again each day.

This is a fun and entertaining game for children to play during break time

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8x sliding tiles with graphic design Easy-glide track Puzzle frame with stainless steel fasteners Can be wall or post mounted This panel is available in many different HDPE sheet types including: Densetec Design Panel Densetec XD Densetec PCR